Skillshare - Learn to Storyboard The First Steps of Visual Storytelling


About This Course

Storyboarding is the skill of visually organizing a story - a valuable process for flowing out films, comics, illustrations, business plans or essays. After all, there's a good story woven into every successful project!

What You'll Learn

Understanding Storyboarding. What is Storyboarding? How would someone approach it? What are the fundamental tools? 

Coming Up with Your Story Idea. Coming up with a story that's unique to you and "gutsy" in some way.

Researching Your Subject. You'll be asked to find pictures, documents or any other source of information that'll offer inspiration on your subject. 

Exploring and Structuiring Your Ideas. You'll produce a blueprint of your story in its simplest form. 

Executing Your Ideas. Draft your storyboard in a way that communicates your story exactly how you'd like. 

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