LinkedIn Learning - User Experience for Web Design


A good user experience design will make visitors stay on your site. A bad one will make them go to someone else's. This class teaches you how to apply simple UX design principles to your site to make it behave in the way that users want and expect.

User experience expert Chris Nodder teaches
What people want from websites, how they search for information, how they read online, and how to structure your content to take advantage of this research
How to use graphics to help rather than hinder visitors, how to integrate video, audio, and other media, and when to consider interactive rather than static content
How to look at your site's homepage, forms, product pages, and content through the eyes of users to build a site that better meets their needs
How to balance site content with advertising

There are never enough great interfaces in the world. Take this easy introduction to start making wonderful online experiences for your own users.
Learning objectives
Building a site visitors will like
Using single, consistent, and standard design principles
Creating good menus
Working with site maps
Adding search to a site
Arranging content in a layout
Writing for the web
Creating category pages and landing pages
Designing product pages and forms
Using media and interactive content
Balancing ads and content

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